If your soap cake contains a sticker which mentions the prize details, a unique code and a phone number, then give a missed call on that number. One of our representatives will call you back within 48 hours to verify the unique code on the sticker. You will have to provide your name, address, contact details. Our representatives will visit you for the verification purpose where in you have to submit your pan card details, address proof and a photo id proof. Post verification you shall receive the prize within 21 working days.

If you do not find a sticker on the soap cake, you may still stand a chance to win prize. The consumer can participate in the “Everyday Lucky Winner” contest. The consumer has to give a missed call to 07827001288 by which one will get registered for the contest. A lucky draw will be conducted everyday. Three winners will be chosen through the lucky draw. The lucky winners will receive a call from our representatives. Post verification you will receive the prize.

  1. This offer is organized by Wipro Enterprises Ltd. for its customers.
  2. The Santoor Sandal & Turmeric soap is available without this offer as well.
  3. This “Offer” is a redemption based offer where a customer must register himself to redeem the Gift Voucher. In the event of a valid holder of this soap with unique code, not claiming his gift, no gift shall be sent/delivered to him. Further, to claim the gift, the soap with unique code holder should mention his correct and valid address (along with PIN Code of the area and his alternate contact number) where Wipro Enterprises Ltd representatives can come and deliver the gift. In case of incomplete or wrong address, the customer shall be required to collect the Gift from Wipro Enterprises Ltd., before the Offer Redemption Date, at customer’s own cost and efforts. No complaint in this respect shall be entertained.
  4. The customer understands that to avail redemption of the gift, the customer shall share his name, contact number, address and other details, directly with Wipro Enterprises Ltd and therefore the customer releases Wipro Enterprises Ltd from any obligations of keeping his details/data confidential. In no case, shall Wipro Enterprises Ltd be responsible or liable towards customer’s data/details, which are directly shared by the customer with Wipro Enterprises Ltd.
  5. The delivery of the Gift Voucher by Wipro Enterprises Ltd shall be subject to customer sending, and Wipro Enterprises Ltd receiving the all required documents and information. Wipro Enterprises Ltd shall not be liable or responsible for the Gift Voucher, in case the sticker on the soap cake is/are lost by customer.
  6. The stickers that are in torn, mutilated, defaced and/or deformed conditions shall not be accepted by Wipro Enterprises Ltd.
  7. Wipro Enterprises Ltd shall send the Gift to the customer’s address sent by the customer within 21 days from the date of Wipro Enterprises Ltd receiving the documents and details sent by the customer. In case of non receipt of claimed Gift, the customer may either directly contact Wipro Enterprises Ltd. at their aforementioned contact number/address.
  8. The Gift Voucher is non-encashable, non-transferable, non-replaceable, or non-assignable.
  9. Wipro Enterprises Ltd may, at its sole discretion, withdraw this offer or may extend the Offer Term or may change/modify terms and conditions of the offer with or without prior notice in this regard.
  10. The offer cannot be combined with any other offers of Santoor
  11. All gifts shall be subject to Indian Laws, including tax laws and regulations as and when applicable. TDS or any other taxes, if applicable, on any Gift, shall be borne and paid by the customer before getting delivery of the gift.
  12. Any suggestions may be given by customers in writing to feedback.wcc@wipro.com
  13. Disputes, if any, shall be subject to jurisdiction in the Bangalore Courts only.

The winner of the gift will be announced on a daily basis after a lucky draw is conducted. The winner of the lucky draw will be contacted and detailed instructions will be given.

Steps to follow post announcement of the winner:

Step 1: The winner of the gold coin to mail the below documents to BigCity PO Box:

  1. Original voucher
  2. Self attested copy of your PAN card.
  3. Address proof –Xerox copy of Passport or Driving License or Telephone bill or Voters ID
  4. Age Proof – Xerox copy of Passport or Driving License or Voters ID
  5. Gift tax – Challan (if applicable)
  6. In addition, the winner should also hand over the claim form duly completed and signed to the Company's authorized representative, who will make the same available to the winner.

Any claim submitted with photocopy or duplicate copy of the carton shall not be entertained.

Step 2: The necessary documents will be verified.

Step 3: Post verification of documents, the gift will be dispatched within 21 working days

  1. This Promotion applies to only 100g and 150g Santoor Sandal & Turmeric pack.
  2. Promotion is open to all Indian residents above 18 years of age except employees and family members of the Organizers, its associate companies, it's advertising and promotional agencies, its auditors and their associate companies.
  3. The how to redeem is a part of the Terms & Condition.
  4. For all prizes the winner should be above 18 years of age.
  5. The contest will be held on a daily basis, 1 winner will be randomly selected every day.
  6. Each winner will be contacted 4 times over a period of 10 working days to inform them of the win. In the event that the winner is not contacted in the 4 tries the Organizer shall (at its sole discretion) be at a liberty to pass on the prize to the next winner.
  7. The Gold would come with a certificate from the manufacturer. Organizer would not be responsible for the purity of gold or manufacturing defects in the gold. The manufacturer would continue to be liable for the same.
  8. Multiple entries will not be entertained. There is a limit of one winner per household per day. Prizes are limited to one winner per household. There is a maximum of three prizes per household.
  9. One mobile number shall entitle the Participant to one gift only.
  10. During any given 24-hour period, gold will no longer be available once they are won. Only claims on prizes during the prizes' specified duration will be considered valid.
  11. All Entries received after 00:00 hours every day shall be judged for the prize for the following day.
  12. The Organizer accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from the prize winnings. Winners will have to bear incidental costs, if any, that may arise for redemption of the prize.
  13. The contest is void where prohibited by law. This Promotion is valid from dd/mm/yy till dd/mm/yy in India on purchase of 100g and 150g Santoor Sandal & Turmeric pack only ('Promotion Period').
  14. Only Indian Nationals holding valid PAN cards issued under the provisions of the Income-Tax Act, 1961 shall be entitled to participate under this Promotion.
  15. Besides the winning sticker, winners would be asked to give documentary evidence of ID & address, proof of age, copy of PAN card / form 60 or any other document that the organizers might require to process his claim.
  16. Surrender of winning sticker is a mandatory condition to claim the prize. The participants are requested to preserve the sticker that forms the basis of their claims.
  17. Participant claiming the gift will have to surrender their winning sticker to the representative of the Organizers against a receipt for the purpose of verification by the Auditors.
  18. The Company will not entertain any claim received under this Promotion on or after dd/mm/yy
  19. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Company reserves the right to reject any claim received under this Promotion, if such claim fails to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein.
  20. Employees of the WIPRO Pvd. Ltd, Media 2 Win, DDB Mudra Group, and Premier Sales Promotions Pvt. Ltd., and their family members are not eligible to participate in this Promotion.
  21. Disputes, if any, will be subject to jurisdiction of the courts at Bangalore only. The holding of this Promotion is subject to force majeure conditions.
  22. The Company reserves the right to change, discontinue, extend the Promotion and/or the terms and conditions thereof without requiring to give any prior notice.
  23. As a condition of accepting the gift, winners may be required to sign any legal documentation as and in the form required by the Organizer and/or prize suppliers in their absolute discretion, including but not limited to a legal release and indemnity form.
  24. Decision of the Company with regard to any matter arising out of this Promotion shall be final, conclusive and binding and shall not be susceptible to any dispute.
  25. At the Organizer's request, winners must participate in all promotional activity (such as publicity and photography) surrounding the winning of the prize, free of charge, and they consent to the Organizer using their name, likeness, image and/or voice in the event they are a winner (including photograph, film and/or recording of the same) in promotional material or in any media for an unlimited period without remuneration for the purpose of promoting this Programme (including any outcome), and promoting any products manufactured, distributed and/or supplied by the Organizer.
  26. Decision of Organizer's and Auditors will be final and binding with regard to promotion and prizes and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

Premier Sales Promotions Pvt Ltd.
4th Floor, Mitra Towers, 10/4, Kasturba Road,
Bangalore - 560001

Email: feedback@bigcity.in
Tel: +91 80 4055 4875
Fax: +91 80 4055 4801

Santoor Golden Glow - Lucky Draw Winner's List

Sl. No.
1 15-Sep-13
Anantapur Andhra Pradesh
2 15-Sep-13
Athira Balachandran
Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
3 15-Sep-13
Dr Manish Parmar
Karjat Maharashtra
4 16-Sep-13
V Jyothi
Nellore Andhra Pradesh
5 16-Sep-13
Ambli  O
Kollam Kerala
6 16-Sep-13
Bilal Khan
Aurangaba Maharashtra
7 17-Sep-13
Malleshwar Rao
West Godavari Andhra Pradesh
8 17-Sep-13
Raichur Karnataka
9 17-Sep-13
Vicky ragunath bhuje
Thane Maharashtra
10 18-Sep-13
M Ramakrishnam Raju
West Godavari Andhra Pradesh
11 18-Sep-13
G K Suresh
Raichur Karnataka
12 18-Sep-13
Nilesh omprakash Mantri
Telhara Maharashtra
13 19-Sep-13
S Uma Satyanarayana
West Godavari Andhra Pradesh
14 19-Sep-13
Priti Potnis
Thane Maharashtra
15 19-Sep-13
Zareen Taj
Bangalore Karnataka
16 20-Sep-13
Koppadi Durga Rao
East Godavari Dist Andhra Pradesh
17 20-Sep-13
Bidar Karnataka
18 20-Sep-13
Sangeeta Dilipiyere
Dhule Maharashtra
19 21-Sep-13
A Kalyan
Guntur Andhra Pradesh
20 21-Sep-13
Yeshwanth Rao
Thane Maharashtra
21 21-Sep-13
H S Manjunath
Chennagiri Karnataka
22 22-Sep-13
Visakapatnam Andhra Pradesh
23 22-Sep-13
Husna Anjum
Dhawangere Karnataka
24 22-Sep-13
Jadhav Seema Cilas
Pune Maharashtra
25 23-Sep-13
Jamalpur Anand Kumar
Rangareddy Dist Andhra Pradesh
26 23-Sep-13
Rukmini S Kumar
Karwar Karnataka
27 23-Sep-13
Manish Advani
Thane Maharashtra
28 24-Sep-13
Mohammed Raheem Uddhin
Rangareddy Dist Andhra Pradesh
29 24-Sep-13
Ghanshyam Prakash Kulkarni
Chalisgaon Maharashtra
30 24-Sep-13
Y N Vishwanath
Channarayapatna Karnataka
31 25-Sep-13
Badugu Acha rao
Krishna Dist Andhra Pradesh
32 25-Sep-13
Bangalore Karnataka
33 25-Sep-13
Ganesh nilkanth nande
Chandrapur Maharashtra
34 26-Sep-13
Dasari Boseraj
West Godavari Andhra Pradesh
35 26-Sep-13
Sheela Satish Ubale
Pune Maharashtra
36 26-Sep-13
Babasab Mallu Berangi
Ugar Bk Karnataka
37 27-Sep-13
Khammam Andhra Pradesh
38 27-Sep-13
Shivanand Basayya Nirwani
Mudalgi Karnataka
39 27-Sep-13
Amar Jadhav
Katgaon Maharashtra
40 28-Sep-13
M Kasi Viswanadhan
East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
41 28-Sep-13
Zafrulla Rahman
Kolar Karnataka
42 28-Sep-13
Anuradha Shivaji
Lathur Maharashtra
43 29-Sep-13
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
44 29-Sep-13
Bangalore Karnataka
45 29-Sep-13
Palavi Kochar
Savindane Maharashtra
46 30-Sep-13
Eluru Andhra Pradesh
47 30-Sep-13
K V Srinivas
Mandya Karnataka
48 30-Sep-13
Narandra Shiv Sagar
Varda Maharashtra
49 01-Oct-13
MD Akbar Pasha
medhak Andhra Pradesh
50 01-Oct-13
mangalore Karnataka
51 01-Oct-13
Amreen Imran atar
pune Maharashtra
52 02-Oct-13
B Susheela
Secundrabad Andhra Pradesh
53 02-Oct-13
Shanawaz Baigh
Bangalore Karnataka
54 02-Oct-13
Haribhav ASHARAM Ghadge
Vaizhapur Maharashtra
55 03-Oct-13
P Srinivas Rao
Hydrabad Andhra Pradesh
56 03-Oct-13
Jagadeesh M
Mysore Karnataka
57 03-Oct-13
Suryakanth daji kshirsagar
Haveli Maharashtra
58 04-Oct-13
Godhavari Andhra Pradesh
59 04-Oct-13
Bangalore Karnataka
60 04-Oct-13
Baba Saheb Dhagadu Kadam
Aurangabad Maharashtra
61 05-Oct-13
Mallishetty Jyothi
Kammam Andhra Pradesh
62 05-Oct-13
Raichur Karnataka
63 05-Oct-13
Raigad Maharashtra
64 06-Oct-13
Ramamohan Rao
Hydrabad Andhra Pradesh
65 06-Oct-13
Sowmya NS
mandya Karnataka
66 06-Oct-13
Manisha Bandalkar
pune Maharashtra
67 07-Oct-13
Mandalam Andhra Pradesh
68 07-Oct-13
Sai Brinda
Hubli Karnataka
69 07-Oct-13
Haveli Maharashtra
70 08-Oct-13
M Krishnakumari
Kadappa Andhra Pradesh
71 08-Oct-13
Mahadev swami KM
Mysore Karnataka
72 08-Oct-13
Ravikanth thrivedi
Allabad Maharashtra
73 09-Oct-13
Pudi Yamuna
Guntoor Andhra Pradesh
74 09-Oct-13
Jayasree Khand Gave
Pune Maharashtra
75 10-Oct-13
V Suman
Warangal Andhra Pradesh
76 10-Oct-13
Hemanth Kumar SP
Hasan Karnataka
77 10-Oct-13
Geetha Gode
Thane Maharashtra
78 11-Oct-13
Sk Afroz Babu
Nellore Andhra Pradesh
79 11-Oct-13
Yadgi Karnataka
80 11-Oct-13
Jyothi Godgule
Pune Maharashtra
81 12-Oct-13
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
82 12-Oct-13
Bangalore Karnataka
83 12-Oct-13
Thane Maharashtra
84 13-Oct-13
Rajmundri Andhra Pradesh
85 13-Oct-13
Kollar Karnataka
86 13-Oct-13
Manik Kamle
Thane Maharashtra
87 14-Oct-13
Konapur Andhra Pradesh
88 14-Oct-13
Madanpalli Andhra Pradesh
89 14-Oct-13
Bangalore Karnataka
90 15-Oct-13
Anees Fathima
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
91 15-Oct-13
Mandalam Andhra Pradesh
92 15-Oct-13
Rajendra yamgar
Pune Maharashtra
93 16-Oct-13
Nagelapalli Andhra Pradesh
94 16-Oct-13
M Sathyanarayana
Visakapatnam Andhra Pradesh
95 16-Oct-13
Chintamani Karnataka
96 17-Oct-13
Thanapur Andhra Pradesh
97 17-Oct-13
kukkatpally Andhra Pradesh
98 17-Oct-13
Ahmednagar Maharashtra
99 18-Oct-13
Akkanapet Andhra Pradesh
100 18-Oct-13
Tumkur Karnataka
101 18-Oct-13
Ashok Waman
sankgamaner Maharashtra
102 19-Oct-13
Sankwar Mandalam Andhra Pradesh
103 19-Oct-13
Bangalore Karnataka
104 19-Oct-13
Mrs Sheema Shavale
Pune Maharashtra
105 20-Oct-13
Nageshwar rao B
Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh
106 20-Oct-13
Raichur Karnataka
107 20-Oct-13
Ganesh Padke
Pune Maharashtra
108 21-Oct-13
Kumar Yadhav
Karim Nagar Andhra Pradesh
109 21-Oct-13
Udupi Karnataka
110 21-Oct-13
Rukshana Parveen
Amravati Maharashtra
111 22-Oct-13
Y Ram prasad
Yanam Andhra Pradesh
112 22-Oct-13
Kurnad Karnataka
113 22-Oct-13
Nalegaon Maharashtra
114 23-Oct-13
P Iyyappa
Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh
115 23-Oct-13
Sunil Patil
Lathur Maharashtra
116 24-Oct-13
G Swaroopa
Kammam Andhra Pradesh
117 24-Oct-13
Surendra Panhale
Pune Maharashtra
118 25-Oct-13
Belgaum Karnataka
119 25-Oct-13
Prajakta abasaheb
Ahmednagar Maharashtra
120 26-Oct-13
Uppulappa Srinivas
Kareem Nagar Andhra Pradesh
121 27-Oct-13
Karatam Munesh
Mandal Andhra Pradesh
122 27-Oct-13
Bellary Karnataka
123 27-Oct-13
Sunil Kumar
Tumkur Maharashtra
124 28-Oct-13
G Ushasri
Kodhad Andhra Pradesh
125 28-Oct-13
Sunil Kumar
Tumkur Karnataka
126 28-Oct-13
Wade sajare
Shapur Maharashtra
127 29-Oct-13
Ramaswami eedunoori
Kadhag nagar Andhra Pradesh
128 29-Oct-13
Shakeera Banu
Haasan Karnataka
129 30-Oct-13
Warangle Andhra Pradesh
130 30-Oct-13
Kedavasantha wagh
Nashik Maharashtra
131 31-Oct-13
Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh
132 01-Nov-13
Balaji Nagar Andhra Pradesh
133 01-Nov-13
Vinay Prasad
Mysore Karnataka
134 03-Nov-13
Mohammed Asif
Kalivanam Andhra Pradesh
135 04-Nov-13
Venugopal rao
kammam Andhra Pradesh
136 04-Nov-13
Somnath Godke
Lathur Maharashtra
137 05-Nov-13
Sandeep vishwanath rane
mumbai Maharashtra
138 06-Nov-13
vijayawada Andhra Pradesh
139 06-Nov-13
banchwala Karnataka
140 06-Nov-13
Urmila lohagaonkar
aurangabad Maharashtra
Chandra Shekar
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
Sandeep Baburao
Aurangabad Maharashtra
Nalagunda Andhra Pradesh
 kanagur Andhra Pradesh
Amol V Sule
Mumbai Maharashtra
U Nagendar Rao
Kaikalur Andhra Pradesh
Bangalore Karnataka
Pune Maharashtra
Ananthapur Andhra Pradesh
billa halli Karnataka
Chandrapur Maharashtra
Ravi kumar
Kadapa Andhra Pradesh
Mangalore Karnataka
Neelam Sawan
Mumbai Maharashtra
Dhavangere Karnataka
Pune Maharashtra
Bangalore Karnataka
Arthi wadhva
Kolhapur Maharashtra